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Red Devil Pride

East Red Devil Pride logo

Dear Students and Families of East High School,

East High School is a highly respected and revered institution. We are world-famous because of the achievements of the students and teachers who came here before us. Our traditions go back more than 150 years. While we may not truly realize it for some time, just by being East High School Red Devils we are part of something Great!

Greatness comes with responsibility, so to deserve the greatness that others have earned for us we have the duty to honor them and ourselves by being the best people and students we can be.

There are some who think that East is a bad place with bad people. They are wrong, and East Red Devils are proud to show them how wrong they are every single day. We do that by:

  • Being fiercely proud of East High School, of being a  Red Devil , and of being part of such a special history and tradition.
  • Showing courtesy, respect and good manners to everyone in school and out. People who get to know East students learn just how great we are by our kindness, our consideration, our hard work and our positive attitude.
  • Always respecting the hard work and efforts of others including our teachers, our classmates and everyone else who works with us at East.  This respect is demonstrated by:
  1. Being on time and prepared for every class, every day.
  2. Being present in school every day unless too sick to move.
  3. Using all the available assistance and help that is provided to achieve the very best possible results in all we do.
  4. Giving maximum effort on every task, assignment and event, 100% of the time.
  • Keeping East High School safe, clean, and comfortable for everyone by:
  1. Following all school and classroom rules including always wearing our ID, moving through the halls in a safe and orderly manner, speaking respectfully and with courtesy to peers and staff, and cleaning up after ourselves.
  2. Encouraging others, especially younger students to demonstrate Red Devil Pride.
  • Understanding that Failure is NOT an option at Green Bay East by:
  1. Using all available helping resources early and often.
  2. Completing all assignments on time.
  3. Passing every class.
  4. Knowing that to become a sophomore, a junior, or a senior requires successful completion of core classes – not just being here for a 2nd, 3rd or 4th year without sufficient credits.
  • Having fun, showing school spirit, participating in school events and activities, asking lots of questions, speaking up for our beliefs, and always showing honor and respect to ourselves, our families and our school.

On behalf of the faculty, staff and all who have walked the “hallowed halls” of East High School over the past century and a half, welcome to East High School.

It is a Great Day to Be a Red Devil!